Learn to say no Among different religions, have you ever sensed the coincidental similarity?Have you ever pondered what the similar essences are truly about? In my opinion, they are all asking people to restrain our natural desires, to say no to ourselves.

Wise man says no to himself, not to others. The reason for any trouble or failure can be traced within ourselves. Even if we seem innocent, there must be a reason for someone to trip us up. We’d better examine our own behaviors, correct our faults and avoid similar mistakes thereafter.

We are now facing the most unstable period in our life, youth. We run eagerly into the sparkling world, without sufficient judgment, precaution, and the consciousness of saying no. The world is fascinating, yet complicated. We are surrounded by all kinds of temptations from the outside.

Yet I still believe it’s not the environment that affects us most. Someone with powerful ego goes along with the outside world just like anyone else and holds his ground silently at the same time. True power can hardly be seen. As time goes by, he who tells himself not to follow the trends blindly will certainly get his reward.

Once I was climbing up Mount Huang, gasping for breath. An intriguing idea burst into my mind and supported my exhausted body during the rest of my journey—the mountain is me myself, just seems huger. It was my own weakness that I was overcoming, not the mount. Humanity is naturally weak, we say no to strengthen it gradually.

Buddhists have to obey disciplines that make them say no to human weakness. They try to take off layers covering them to approach the undying inner self and to purify their spirits. They never drink to keep their self-discipline. My dad has a schoolmate that believes in Buddhism and he was once made drunken to answer questions subconsciously, in order to check. Rules are established to dismantle, so as saying no. When we are finally at the peak of cultivation after the long process of saying no to ourselves, it doesn’t matter if we slack off any more. Confucius said, ’since 70, I have been able to do what I intend freely without breaking the rules.’

Life can be easy, for those people who are simply satisfied with playing cards. It can be tough, for us who have bigger ambitions and are willing to strive for them, who dare to say no to ourselves, to refuse the coziness for now, and fight for tomorrow. It won’t be hard for us later on when it comes to the time that we can get what we deserve. I think the restraint and diligence are worth suffering.

Learn to say no, suffer now, enjoy then.