Living alone or living with roommates? Conclusion differ from man to man. Some people suppose that everyone should live alone to develop their sense of independence, on the contrast, some body agrees that they should live with others and make friends with others.

When you choose to live alone, you may feel free at first.You don’t need to care anybody in your dormitory, and just do what you want to do. For example, when you want to see movies until midnight, and nobody will prevent you from doing that. What’s more, you can sing loudly and call your good friends to come to play together. You will always have your own room and time but you may feel lonely after a few days.

Although we may think good of living alone, in my opinion, living with roommates is better. Why? Because everyone will be in trouble sometimes. When you are studying in your dormitory, you may encounter some difficult problems and you can’t find out the answers by yourself. At this time, you will ask your roommates for help. Living with roommates, you can not only get help when you’re in trouble, but also develop your ability to get alone with anyone.