One Health is the idea that the health of people is connected to the health of animals and our shared environment. You can be a One Health hero by taking steps to prevent diseases spread between animals and people. Practice healthy pet habits. Keep wildlife wild. Enjoy wildlife from a distance to reduce the risk of illness and injury to you, your pets, and wild animals.

November 3 is One Health Day! One Health Day brings people together in support of achieving the best health for all people, animals, and the environment!

Did you know that animals and humans often can be affected by many of the same diseases and environmental issues? Some diseases, called zoonotic diseases, can be spread between animals and people. More than half of all infections people can get can be spread by animals – a few examples include rabies, Salmonella, and West Nilevirus. Environmental issues like harmful algal blooms or lead contamination also can affect the health of both people and animals. Antimicrobial resistance is another emerging threat to the health of people and animals, and resistant germs often spread through our shared environment.

Professionals in many fields, especially human health care, veterinary medicine, public health, animal health, and environmental health, can use a One Health approach. Professionals should recognize the connection between human health, animal health, and the environment, and work together to achieve the best health for all.