Police in Southwest China’s Yunnan province have seized a total of 114.9 kilograms of drugs and captured 18 suspects in five recent cases, local authorities said Saturday.

On July 22, police on the China-Myanmar border city of Lincang busted two cases after receiving tip-offs about drug trafficking, with 32.67 kg of methamphetamine seized and seven suspects caught.

A drug gang was busted in the city’s Gengma County on July 29, during which police found 23.26 kg of methamphetamine from backpacks carried by three drug dealers nabbed on the spot.

Police arrested eight suspects for trafficking 58.97 kg of drugs in two other cases in Cangyuan County, Lincang on July 30.

Further investigations into the cases are underway.

Yunnan is a major front in China’s battle against drug crime, as it borders the Golden Triangle notorious for its rampant drug production and trafficking.